Doomsday Tee

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As far as t-shirts go, this one is the nucular bomb.

Merriam-Webster defines "doomsday" as:

a time of catastrophic destruction and death

Yikes. What a downer.

The apocalypse may be tough, but struggling against the end of the world isn't going to stop the inevitable. Honestly, can you imagine if you only had 2 weeks left to live and you spent half of that time chasing after spare toilet paper, dried beans, and Chlorox wipes? That's dumb. You should spend quality time with the people who matter most. Or profiteering. Man Shrugging on Facebook 4.0 (Don't hate the hustle. Hate the game.)

So grab a shirt, take it easy, and let's look good as we wait for the hellfire and nucular winter to all blow over.